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Apple considered buying Intel's 5G smartphone modem division

THE Apple and the Qualcomm they may have made up, but that does not mean that the unfolding of the whole story between the two companies (and the supporting actors of the novel) is over. Just yesterday, we commented here that the withdrawal of Intel In the development of 5G modems had been consequence and not cause, as we imagine from the agreement between the two giants. Now, more information has emerged about this part of the plot.

O Wall street journal said today that, before settling on Qualcomm, Apple considered purchase Intel is responsible for the development of 5G modems. The two companies held talks in the middle of last year and continued with preliminary plans to close deals until, with Ma's agreement with Qualcomm, the idea was dropped.

The deal would certainly make sense: Apple, as is well known, is (or was) interested in developing its own 5G modems to power iPhones in the not too distant future. With the acquisition of this specific part of Intel, Ma could unite the giant's years of research with its own expertise (and financial strength) into a truly ambitious project that now, apparently, is no longer needed.

As we noted yesterday, this does not mean that Intel has abandoned plans to make money with 5G technology: Intel is still developing solutions for other types of devices besides network and infrastructure products, and may be trying to sell its technology to another. company that may or may not be Apple.

via MacRumors