Apple confirms purchase of startup InVisage, specializing in miniaturized camera sensors

A few weeks ago, information began to circulate that Apple would have reached into Mary Poppins’ pocket again to make another acquisition – this time, from startup InVisage Technologies, from the image sensor area. The news, however, was just speculation, as Cupertino has not confirmed the action at any time … until now.

Today, an Apple spokesperson ratified the TechCrunch that the company actually acquired InVisage, adding the standard response to all of these procedures: “Apple buys technology companies that are short of time, and we generally don’t discuss our intentions or plans.”

InVisage Technologies

In view of the area of ​​activity of the startuphowever, it is not too difficult to get a good idea of ​​what Apple has in mind here. InVisage’s specialty was precisely to develop thinner camera sensors that are still capable of capturing more light – as is well known, the smaller the size of this component, the smaller its ability to absorb the brightness of the environment.

In a race as exciting as developing the perfect smartphone camera, such technology could be the key to the front. With InVisage, we may be able to see even more powerful cameras on future iPhones – and, dreaming a little, even without the dreaded ledge at the rear to house its components.

The amount disbursed by Apple for the purchase of startup has not been released.