Apple confirms live broadcast of the special event on 9/7 at 2 pm

“IPhone 7”: Apple confirms live broadcast of the special event on 9/7 at 2 pm

The invitation was sent today to the press, but Apple has already tried to air the official page of the live broadcast of the special event that will take place on September 7, at 2 pm (at the time of Braslia).

Apple Special Event Broadcast Page

To follow the transmission, I need to access the page through Safari from an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch (running iOS 7 minimally), Mac running Safari 6.0.5 and OS X 10.8.5 or higher, Apple TVs second , third or fourth generations (in the case of the old ones, running the 6.2 software minimally) or PCs (by Microsoft Edge on Windows 10).

The event will take place at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (stage of the WWDC 2016 keynote, and the launch of the iPhone 6s and iPad Pro).

What to expect?

In addition to the new iPhones, Apple may take the opportunity to update some of its products. The most highly rated are: the second generation of the Apple Watch (which can bring GPS, barometer, a larger battery, more water resistance, etc.) and / or a new MacBook Pro (with an OLED screen on top of the keyboard, USB- C, among other things) rumors about them have been circulating for awhile.

Speaking specifically of the iPhones, the invitation sent by Apple as always has already generated a lot of discussion, with many linking the visual / effect of the art with a significant improvement in the camera of the device. Taking into account that the rumors speak of a new dual camera on the iPhone 7 Plus, the theory is based.

J the text ?See you on the 7th? (something like ?See you on the 7th?) gives a lot of prominence to the day of the presentation, suggesting a possible relationship with the name of the device even though some supposed cases of the tenth generation have leaked with the inscription ?S? on the back.

If Apple repeats what it did last year, pre-sales of the iPhone will begin on September 9, with the device hitting stores two weeks later (9/23). In previous years, however, iPhones arrived in stores just a week after the pre-sale began; if this strategy were to be used again, sales would start on 9/16 on what Evan Blass (who has a good track record in Apple leaks) bets.

MM Live

Following tradition, we will soon release our event ticket to Wallet.

As always, the far complete coverage of the event, which includes: live-blogging (point-to-point, entirely in Portuguese), individual articles on the news that are presented, the highlights of Apple’s presentation on our Twitter, among other things. The coverage will extend throughout the 7/9, as normally a lot of post-keynote things happen taking into account that being a holiday in Brazil, you will have the whole day to follow the event and our coverage! ?

THE On Air (our weekly podcast, which is usually recorded on Tuesdays), should be recorded on Wednesday or Thursday, already addressing the news of the event so that you stay on top of everything and learn about our opinions on the launches. ?