Some new MacBook Pro owners are having problems with loud popping

Apple confirms extra keyboard protection of new MacBooks Pro; all Thunderbolt 3 ports on 13 ″ model are now equal

Amidst controversy about the Intel Core i9 chip of the new MacBooks Pro, at least two good news about the new machines.

O MacRumors today obtained an internal Apple document distributed to Authorized Service Centers and stores which basically confirms that silicone membrane installed on your keys serves to prevent dirt / dust from contacting your butterfly mechanism.

Apple's third generation butterfly keyboard keyboard

This suspicion had already been raised by iFixit in its teardown from the computer. Officially, Apple has decided to say that the third generation of the butterfly keyboard was just “quieter” than the previous one, but now it's pretty much confirmed that the company has actually solved the problem that led to the opening of a replacement program for previous models.

The document also states that the procedure for removing / replacing the space key has changed from previous generations, probably because it almost always broke at this stage.

Thunderbolt 3 the same for everyone!

In a related note, the MacRumors It also confirmed with Apple another unremarkable new feature of the new 13-inch MacBook Pro models.

MacBooks Pro Touch Bar Ports

In previous generations, as detailed in this article, although the 13 ″ MacBook Pro with Touch Bar had four doors Thunderbolt 3 Like the 15 ″ model, only the two on the left offered a total bandwidth of 40Gbps; the two on the right were a bit limited.

Now, on the 2018 models, the four 13 ″ model ports are the same thanks to Intel's new Core i5 and i7 chips, which support 16 PCI Express slots. Good.