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Apple complains about patent licensing abuses

The world of technology permeated by problems involving patents. As we know, the Apple constantly acquiring new technologies (and creating new ones) to implement them in their gadgets, but I often need to negotiate the licensing of these patents with companies that register them.

A major problem involving patent licensing in Europe caused Apple, along with dozens of other companies, to file a complaint with European Commission requesting the agency to investigate possible abuses in patent licensing, a situation that would be hampering the development of technologies, as reported by the The Irish Times.

The coalition of Apple and 27 other companies, such as Cisco, Daimler and BMW, who signed the letter sent EC. The publication does not specify which companies refused to negotiate patent permission, but the trigger for the complaint was that Nokia did not approve a deal involving autonomous car technologies in which Apple has a personal interest, see "Project Titan" .

In the complaint, the companies explain that together they have invested more than 45 billion euros in research and development and have over 200,000 patents registered, but still face problems in reaching fair agreements with other companies that license certain technologies. More precisely, companies call on the EC to take "decisive steps to ensure that European law and police protect innovation in all sectors."

What makes this situation unique is the coalition of companies behind the complaint. As highlighted by Irish timesThe “broad loyalty” of the companies that make up the group shows that this is an intersectoral issue that affects not only the digital world, but also crosses various sectors and services.

Already in the United States, Apple has faced another type of patent-related problem for years: the growing number of lawsuits over possible intellectual property infringements, often filed by Patent trolls, as in this case that occurred last week.

In fact, this is a touchy industry for tech giants, especially Apple, which has spikes in many industries and services.

via 9to5Mac | image: Associated Press