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Apple comments on Microsoft commercials: "A PC is not a bargain when it doesn't do what you want"

Lauren De Long, at Laptop Hunters

In a very rare attitude at Apple, Bill Evans, one of its spokesmen, made a quick comment BusinessWeek about Microsoft's ‚ÄúLaptop Hunters‚ÄĚ ad campaign:

A PC is not a bargain when it doesn't do what you want. One thing that both Apple and Microsoft agree that everyone thinks the Mac cool. With its advanced designs and advanced software, nothing beats you at any price.

Microsoft did not respond to the comment.

In his article, reporter Arik Hesseldahl once again mentions that the price premium paid for Macs easily justified by what you get out of it. ‚ÄúIn fact, $ 700 beats the $ 2,800 you would pay for a (laptop) Mac with a 17-inch screen. But, considering the PC side, there are still many more aspects to consider in the total purchase ‚ÄĚ, he says.

Among the extras paid for by PC users, there are protection software against spyware and malware, anti-virus (usually paid annually), extra services and technical support, applications that come with Macs (like the iLife support), not to mention the technical advantages of the MacBook Pro, especially with regard to its battery and screen resolution.

It really is the price you pay. On both sides.