Apple takes the sixth place in search of most loved brands

Apple climbs to 3rd on Fortune's list of the top 500 US companies

As usual, the Fortune listed the 500 largest companies in the United States. Over the years, we have reported on the positions won by Apple in this list, noticing its growth in a short period of time. In it, it is possible to mention his exploit when he managed to move from 253 to 56 in just one year. In 2015, Ma took 5th place and this year she went up to 3 placement.

Apple in 3rd in Fortune 500 ranking

Despite the jump, the Fortune did not forget to comment on the recent drop in the sale of iPhones.

After more than a decade of solid growth initiated by the launch of the iPod and then by the even more popular iPhone, Apple finally seems to have stalled. Even though it is still the most profitable publicly traded company in the world, the iPhones 6s and 6s Plus that arrived at the end of 2015 barely exceeded the sales of their predecessors; Meanwhile, iPad sales continue to decline throughout the year. In April 2015, the Apple Watch arrived with differing opinions and modest sales. Despite generating some debates about what would be the situation of Apple in China amid a slowdown in the economy there including a strange email in August 2015 from CEO Tim Cook to the host of CNBC, Jim Cramer, saying that there was no slowdown in the summer the year ended weak for the company in Asia. Lately, attention has been focused on the iPhones' innovation cycle and efforts to focus on India, where Apple has a tiny share of the market. Still, despite concerns about growth, Apple's next big step came in 2015. Dubbed the “Titan Project” and filled with experts from the automotive industry, Apple’s efforts to grab this market with its electric masterpiece will likely in reaching consumers for a few more years. However, when he arrives, Cook and the company can continue to grow again.

As you noticed MacRumors, although Walmart and Exxon Mobil appear with gross revenues of $ 482 billion and $ 246 billion, respectively, Apple's annual income ($ 53.4 billion) greater than the sum of the two ($ 30 billion).

In its 62nd edition, the ranking Fortune 500 it comprised companies that now total US $ 12 trillion in revenue, US $ 840 billion in profits, US $ 17 trillion in market value and 27.9 million employees worldwide.