Apple cleans Shazam by removing ad networks and app analytics trackers

Apple cleans Shazam by removing ad networks and app analytics trackers

After purchasing the music recognition service Shazam For the $ 400 million trifle in late 2017, Apple began aligning the service with its (restricted) privacy policy, as well as other company apps.

Late last year, for example, Ma removed ads from both versions of the app (Shazam and Shazam Encore).

Apple recently released an update to the Shazam app that, according to the release notes, indicated only "bug fixes and performance improvements." However, the company made more than minor adjustments: the update also removed almost all third-party SDKs the service was using, according to an analysis published by AppFigures.

Removed SDKs include ad networks, usage trackers, and even open source utilities. But why did the company decide to remove all these contents at once? Simple, because they pass user data to third party servers, which is certainly not Apple's beach.

Companies affected by the Apple update include AdMob, Bolts, DoubleClick, Facebook Ads, Facebook Analytics, Facebook Login, Inmobi, IAS, Moat, and Mopub. As we said, not all third party content has been removed; on iOS, only Microsoft's HockeyApp SDK (basically a version of Redmond's giant TestFlight) remains active but probably not for long.

Already on the Android system, although Ma has removed several third-party content from the Shazam app, several others remain active (including some that were removed on iOS). However, the Microsoft SDK has been removed from the Shazam Android version over a year ago.

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