Apple promises to be more honest with updates that could damage iPhones battery

Apple claims that iOS 10.2.1 has already helped to greatly reduce unexpected shutdowns for iPhones 6 / 6s

In early December, Apple announced that until then iOS 10.2 would not come with a tool to diagnose iPhones that turn off from nowhere. Now, we know that this measure has had positive effects.

According to data compiled by Apple since the release of iOS 10.2.1, exactly one month ago, this update is already installed in about 50% of all iGadgets in use in the world has contributed to 80% unexpected shutdowns of iPhones 6s and in 70%, those of iPhones 6. In the company's statement, published by TechCrunch, it is difficult to know if this data also includes the Plus models of both generations, but I imagine so.

Apparently, what Apple did was to improve the power management of these devices in order to prevent iOS from activating its automatic shutdown system which serves to prevent more serious problems like overheating of iPhones. Although the problem still exists, the reduction in incidents starting with iOS 10.2.1 was really significant and Apple still managed to implement a fix to make the devices restart automatically instead of requiring the user to plug them in.

Soon, the iOS battery area will also begin to indicate to users when batteries reach a stage that really need to be replaced. This type of alert already exists on macOS and will certainly be very useful for owners of iPhones and iPads. The older / used the battery, the greater the likelihood of such problems.