Apple claims it only gets commission for 0.5% of Spotify Premium subscribers

It had been a while since the exchange of barbs between Apple and Spotify had declined, but it came back today with everything.

As reported (Google Translate) the German newspaper SPIEGEL, Apple responded to Spotify's charges that it only receives commissions for 0.5% of the total paid subscribers of the Spotify Premium plan.

In addition, all of these about 680,000 subscribers (noting that the global total is now over 100 million) generate a commission of 15% Apple no 30%, even because Spotify has stopped offering users the option to subscribe to the system. from Ma a few years ago (from 2014 to 2016). So we're talking about somewhere around $ 1 million a month small amount for both, especially Apple.

Apple's goal with the presentation of these numbers, of course, is to show how exaggerated are the Swedish firm's claims against it.

Obviously, these points will weigh heavily on the European Commission's assessment of Spotify's complaints against Apple. We'll see.

via CNET