Apple chief operating officer addresses child labor in health interview

Jeff Williams, Senior Vice President of Operations at Apple

Recently promoted to director of operations (chief operating officer, or COO) from Apple, Jeff Williams was interviewed this week by the Community Health Center, for the radio program “Conversations on Health Care”.

Much of the conversation covered Apple's health initiatives, including the technologies brought by the Apple Watch and especially the frameworks HealthKit and ResearchKit, which have helped scientists / researchers to study diseases like Parkinson's disease, autism and asthma.

But it was Williams himself who touched on a very controversial subject, which also concerns his responsibilities at Apple: child labor. He said that although no one wants to address the issue or be associated with it, Apple has focused the spotlight on the situation and has taken steps to end it whenever it detects an irregularity in its suppliers.

Annually, as we cover here on the website (2013, 2014, 2015), she publishes reports on the situation of her partner factories in China.

At the end of 2014, Williams seriously addressed this issue after a negative report by the network BBC.

(via AppleInsider)