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Apple charges compliance with the “forgotten” rule of the App Store and releases marijuana apps in permitted locations

For a long time Apple pretended not to see and approved several apps that were not properly framed in two topics of the App Store Evaluation Guidelines (App Store Review Guidelines).

One of them refers to the application / game metadata (name, descriptions, classifications, rankings, etc.). According to Pocket Gamer, based on item 3.6 of the rules, Apple is now rejecting apps with icons, screenshots and previous ones that do not adhere to the minimum rating of 4 years. One was the game Time.

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Note that the game's developers had to hide the weapons that appear in the promotional images as well as the application's preview video.

Gunslugs 2 app icon

Another app that went through problems was Gunslugs 2. Unlike Time, his problem is not so obvious. The third image above, which has been part of the app’s promotion since December, was rejected by Apple’s approval team for demonstrating “violence against a human being”. Because it is a game in pixel art, everything ends up being a little subjective and the developer OrangePixel put his mouth on the trombone (Twitter and company blog), making Apple go back on his decision.

Another polemic point involving app approvals has to do with marijuana, we've talked about it a few times here, like the marijuana plantation game that was banned from the store and a marijuana finder that has been available on the App Store for a long time. You don't have to go far: just search the store yourself and see the number of apps available on the subject. The company has now decided to follow an interesting path.

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Taking MassRoots as an example, the app was banned from the store in late 2014 based on item 2.18 of the rules, which says that apps which encourage excessive alcohol or illegal substance use, or encourage minors to consume alcohol or smoke cigarettes , will be rejected.

Now, however, the developers have reported that Apple has allowed the app back to the store as long as it is only available in places where marijuana is legalized (a total of 23 US states allow the use of the substance, whether for medical or recreational reasons).

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