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Apple changes schedule for Workshops; One to One should end [atualizado 2x]

As reported by the 9to5Mac, Apple today presented on its website an even more integrated experience in relation to branding for Workshops and for assistance in Genius Bar.

The appointment of appointments is now known as “Concierge” and it is even more linked to each Apple Retail Store page, differently from what happened previously and ending with the page itself for this purpose.

In addition, Apple separated the categories of Workshops into "Featured", "Discover", "Organize", "Create" and "Business". With this change, the lives of users interested in training will be simpler since it is easier to find exactly the training that interests them.

Site for scheduling Apple Workshops

In Brazil, most likely due to the success of the workshops, there are fewer options available than abroad.

Mobile site for scheduling Apple Workshops

The new “Concierge” service is also more optimized for users with visual or hearing impairments. Apple has also prepared a mobile version of the page, making things a lot easier for those browsing iPhones / iPods touch and other smartphones.

One to One

According to sources MacRumors, Apple is due to end the training program soon One to One, allowing its employees to focus even more on presenting free workshops with multiple participants at once.

For those unfamiliar, One to One is a training program for Mac buyers. When purchasing a new machine, you can pay R $ 249 (or US $ 99 l) and receive instructions from Apple Retail Stores employees. One to One lessons include personalized training (have up to an hour to work with an instructor, without interruption, on the subject you want) and open training (work alone on the project you want, with the support of an instructor available to take your doubts)

One to One

With One to One, you can do more than you think with your Mac. First, let's set up your email, transfer your photos, music and other files and show you how to keep everything in sync with iCloud. Then, we will prepare with you a personalized program according to your goals, learning style and level of experience.

Apple's planning for this transition also includes a greater emphasis on the “Discover” and “Create” tabs on its pages, in addition to the fulfillment of all One to One subscriptions until their respective expiration dates.

Update, by Rafael Fischmann · 08/27/2015 s 16:20

Corroborating the rumor they themselves released, the MacRumors said today that in fact Apple Retail Stores employees are already attending meetings about the end of the One to One and which program members are expected to be communicated soon.

Update II, by Rafael Fischmann · 08/28/2015 s 14:27

According to internal Apple information obtained today by 9to5Mac, the One to One end date is set for an exact month from now: September 28. From that day on, no one else can become a member of the program or renew their plan.