Apple celebrates World Book Day with offers – but only this holiday / weekend!

O World Book Day celebrated on April 23, but Apple has anticipated a little and is already celebrating the date.

World Book Day banner at the iBooks Store

It is a selection of bestsellers which are now being sold for $ 3 each this holiday / weekend. The books highlighted by Ma on the iBooks Store are: “The power of the habit”, “The history of Brazil for those in a hurry”, “The girl on the ice”, “Amor Imenso”, “Gray”, “No se coil, no "," Trap "," The crown "," Girl Boss "," The stranger "," A very lucky girl "," All yours "and" Two brothers ".

Banner do Canto Independente, at iBooks Store

In addition, there is now the iBooks Store Independent corner, a new section for authors and independent publishers from all over Brazil; just visit the page to discover the latest news from the most diverse genres in the independent literary world. 😉