Earth's Day

Apple celebrates Earth Day with video and app tips

Today, April 22nd, the Earth’s Day (Earth Day). Apple usually takes some actions, such as painting part of its logo green on store fronts, unifying its team with green T-shirts, launching challenges for the Apple Watch and more.

As we are in the middle of a pandemic and social isolation is necessary, these actions have been put aside this year. But that does not mean that the date will go blank for Apple.

On YouTube, she published a video entitled “Celebrate Earth Day”. In it, the company invites people to participate in a fun activity with Oliver Jeffers (artist, illustrator and writer) and the Apple Education team.

The idea is to take a picture of the environment around you and draw the world you want to see over the image. Use your favorite drawing app on the iPad; then share using hashtag #EveryoneCanCreate to inspire others.

Earth's Day

In the App Store, the company published four highlights that tell stories related to the planet and or give tips for interesting apps: “Help without leaving home”, “Explore the depths of the sea”, “Searches that reforest” and “Discover nature” .

More than ever, we can see the crucial role that each of us plays in our collective well-being – for humanity and for our planet. Apple adopts this every day, as we work to operate on clean energy, using the least resources in the world – and we will not diminish these actions. # EarthDay2020

Tim Cook, on the other hand, took to Twitter to celebrate the date, noting that Apple has operated 100% with renewable energy since 2018.