Apple Card to offer installments of iPhones in 24x without interest

O Apple card It has not yet found its way beyond the United States, but it is doing its best to garner as many fans in its homeland as possible before setting out on a tour in the rest of the world. Want a test? Because we have two specifically, two very interesting news for Ma l consumers in the USA.

IPhones installment

Apple already has an Apple Card-independent iPhone financing program, but Ma's credit card owners can now enjoy a much better offer. The company announced today the Apple Card Monthly Installments (something like “Apple Card Monthly Payments”), which is nothing more than a way to install an iPhone on 24x totally without interest.

IPhone installment by Apple Card

All iPhones for sale by Apple 8th, 8 Plus, XR, 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max participate in the program, and consumers (in the US, of course) will be able to purchase handsets in installments from the Apple online store, the Apple Store app or the nearest Ma store. The immediate process: simply select the Apple Card as a payment method and the installment appears immediately as an option; the 3% of cashback of the full value of the device will be added to your wallet the same day.

In the case of the iPhone 11 Pro, for example, monthly installments start from $ 41.62 which, if you multiply it by 24, results in a total of $ 998.88, which is basically the actual price of the device. It is possible here to enjoy the program Trade in to deliver your old iPhone and receive a rebate in value; In the case of 11 Pro, installments can be reduced to up to $ 24.95 monthly (depending on your current device, of course).

IPhone installments are added monthly to your Apple Card bill and sum of the minimum payment you must make from the card. Please note that these installments are not subject to interest unless you fail to pay them for more than 24 months of installment payments.

In addition, users will have a specific screen in the app. Wallet to manage installment payments, with a graph indicating exactly how much you paid for your iPhone when the next installment and your payment history will be charged.

6% of cashback

In addition, Apple has announced a special offer for Apple Card users. By December 31st of this year, Ma product purchases from consumers will render 6% of cashback that is, 6% of the purchase price goes back to the customer's wallet and can be used to pay the invoice or make other purchases with Apple Pay. Traditionally, the cashback on Apple's own purchases of 3%.

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O tweet of the card highlights only recent / most popular products, but strictly speaking, the company's entire line of hardware is participating in the yes offering, including the iPhones purchased in the Apple Card installment program described above. The new Mac Pro also comes into play, which means a fortunate customer who spends $ 6,000 on the "basic" version of the computer gets back $ 360.

Please note that the offer does not apply to the purchase of digital items, such as monthly payment for App Store services, applications and software, or AppleCare + extended warranties. Still, nice offer, no?

via TechCrunch