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Apple Card to be released in the coming weeks [atualizado]

One of the most interesting news from last March's special event, the Apple card was promised by Ma for summer in the northern hemisphere which means anything between mid-June and mid-September. After a long period of testing, including the internal use of the card among employees of Cupertino, it appears that the company will meet the deadline and begin shipping it within the next few weeks.

According to the Bloomberg, Apple is already in final preparations to launch the Apple Card probably in the first half of august. The framework for this release is certainly already in place: iOS 12.4, after all, brings full support to the card and anyone who joins it can easily add it to the Wallet app this article brings all the details about its operation, for those who want to read or to remember.

Despite the apparently deadline, the last months of the Apple Card do not appear to have been a complete bed of roses, no: according to the report, Apple asked Goldman Sachs (the card-issuing bank) in May to make changes to the card technology. operation of the service. Fortunately, it seems that the request did not cause any major problems or delays.

For those who don't remember, the Apple Card will be offered (at least at this early stage) only in the United States, but the Apple Bloomberg He says Ma and Goldman Sachs are already talking to European regulators to get the card to the Old World as quickly as possible. No word, however, about his possible arrival in Latin American lands. Maybe one day

via 9to5Mac

Update by Eduardo Marques 7/30/2019 8:10 PM

During the conference call to detail Apple's fiscal third quarter 2019 financial results, Tim Cook confirmed that the Apple Card will be released in the US in August.

Cook reiterated that Apple employees are testing the Apple Card, something we reported in May.

US users may request the card through the Wallet app running iOS 12.4, which was released to the public last week.

via 9to5Mac