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Apple Card Launches for Limited US Users Group

Following confirmation by the CEO of Ma on the launch of the Apple card, the release of the Goldman Sachs contract, and a new video showing how to apply for the card, early users are being asked to test it in the United States, where the service is initially available. The information is from TechCrunch.

According to the news, a limited number of customers who have signed up to Apple's website to be notified of the card release can now request it from the Wallet app, it seems that invitations are being randomly distributed to these people.

Apple did not disclose exactly how many are part of the rollout test, but it is likely that the card will be made available to Ma's overall US customer base later this month.

As part of this initial release, Apple posted a series of videos on its YouTube channel explaining how to set up and use the Apple Card on iPhone, including the guided tutorial we released yesterday.

How to activate your titanium card with iPhone XS / XR

Activate your Apple Card titanium card today. Just open your package, wake up your iPhone and keep it close to start the process.

How to activate your titanium card with iPhone X and earlier

Activate your Apple Card titanium card with your iPhone X or earlier. Just open your package and follow the activation instructions in the Wallet app.

How to make a store purchase

It's fast and easy to buy things in stores with the Apple Card. You can use Apple Pay wherever you see a terminal.

How to buy online

Shopping online with Apple Card is as easy as using Apple Pay. You can buy things with a look.

How to find your card number

When you are shopping online with the Apple Card and need to find your card number, it is right in the Wallet app.

How to see yours Daily cash

You get the Daily cash with all purchases made with the Apple Card. See how to find it in the Wallet app.

How to check your spending

The Apple Card is designed to better track your spending. You can view all purchases made by week, month or category.

How to make a payment

Apple Card is designed to help you pay less interest when you make an open payment.

How to get 24/7 support

If you need help with your Apple Card, there will be no waiting. Getting support is as easy as sending a message.

Please note that to apply for an Apple Card, the user must be a US citizen or legal resident and be at least 18 years old. In addition, you must have an iPhone running iOS 12.4 or later.

via MacRumors