Apple Card is promoted in physical stores, apps and even on Twitter; physical card can easily discolor

This week Apple officially launched its new credit card in partnership with Goldman Sachs bank for all users in the United States. Naturally, Apple aims to get as many customers as possible to apply for the card, and the best way to get people to know or even be interested in the Apple Card is … spreading it!

Thinking about it, the Cupertino giant is adopting several advertising methods for its card in the USA, some of them through its own platform, among which a new banner has been added to the top of the home screen. Wallet app, allowing users to start using the card in minutes ”, as the disclosure says.

Disclosure of the Apple Card in the Wallet app and the App Store

Apple also started promoting the card on App Store, on both iPhone and iPad, including publishing an editorial in the tablet app store:

In addition to virtual stores, Apple is also spreading the spread of the Apple Card throughout the American territory at your physical points, where the company has installed cards that show: “The Apple Card has arrived. Receive 3% Daily Cash on Apple purchases with the Apple Card. ”

It’s already started … @MichaelSteeber

If all of the aforementioned disclosure routes were not enough, the company also created a Twitter profile dedicated to the Apple Card, in which the company has published, so far, only a small information piece on the new service, since it supports Apple Card customers. should use the @AppleSupport profile.

He lives in the Wallet app. And in your wallet.Learn more about the Apple Card at support-related questions, contact @AppleSupport.

Physical card storage

The infamous physical version of the Apple Card can be made of titanium, but that does not mean that the card is resistant to anything. Accordingly, the company published a new support page teaching how to properly clean and store the card.

Apple Card

In fact, the Apple Card is quite beautiful, but all of its elegance can literally fade over time if it comes in contact with certain hard surfaces and materials that may scratch it. Interestingly, certain fabrics, such as leather and jeans, can permanently discolor the white finish of the card, which is obtained by means of a multilayer coating process.

Finally, the Apple Card should not be stored or placed near magnets, as it is a magnetic stripe card (on the back), this component can demagnetize.

via 9to5Mac, AppleInsider