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Apple Card is not made 100% Titanium

Among the multiple advantages of Apple card On the other existing cards, some of them are precisely in the physical version of the newest darling of consumers. More precisely, Apple boasts of making it from titanium, adding a white finish to give it the look clean from the card.

Still, the question remains: would the Apple Card be made entirely of titanium? As you can tell from the title, no. To find out the constitution of the card, the Bloomberg took the physical version of the Apple Card to University of California professor and mineralogist Berkeley Wenk to investigate what he's done. The answer: 90% titanium and 10% aluminum.

To achieve this result, Wenk used what is known as a scanning electron microscope (or scanning electron microscope, also called an SEM) to determine the atomic composition of the card.

The Apple Card is not the first metal-made credit card as two other US institutions (American Express and Chase) offer their own cards. premium in the same style. In any case, the Apple Card can be a precedent for the use of this metal in even more Apple products, such as the next generation of Apple Watch, which may consist of titanium and ceramics.

It is also interesting to remember that the coloring of the Apple Card can easily fade when in contact with certain materials, such as jeans and leather; To learn how to prevent this from happening, Ma has published a new support page.

via MacRumors