Apple Card could be much cooler with a dose of augmented reality

Concept: Apple Card could be much cooler with a dose of augmented reality

For all intents and purposes, Apple’s heavy augmented reality has not yet shown what it came to. Of course, we have some pretty cool apps in that regard, but nothing that will fundamentally change the way we use our devices or make us rush to buy a new iPhone in order to enjoy the novelty.

For a new concept involving the Apple Card, published this week by the designer Vova Kurbatov, it may … well, it may not yet be exactly the killer-feature that the augmented reality of Apple is in need, but it is certainly something quite fascinating!

Kurbatov envisioned an AR application that would make Apple’s credit card much more interactive: just point a camera at the card and you could access all aspects of its use, such as balance, statement, limit and transactions simply by sliding your finger across your surface.

Obviously, this concept is much more interesting if imagined in combination with Apple’s possible augmented reality glasses – it wouldn’t make much sense to have to point the iPhone camera at the card and interact with it when you could just open the Wallet app; with glasses, on the other hand, the interaction would be much more natural, since you wouldn’t even need to take your smartphone out of your pocket to check quick information about the Apple Card.

Obviously, if Apple implemented something like that, it would need to have a very solid security system so that nobody could access other people’s information with a replica card or something. But that’s the beauty of the concepts, after all: imagine what the future might be without necessarily being concerned with the technical limitations (or any other nature) of the whole thing.

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via MacRumors