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Apple Card Available to All US Customers

After a few days of testing the Apple card by a limited group of users in the United States, Apple's new card, in partnership with US bank Goldman Sachs, was finally released to all customers in the country.

This allows iPhone users who want to order the Apple Card to do so from the iPhone. Wallet app (running iOS 12.4 or later) and, upon approval (done immediately), begin using the company's digital card for online purchases (including Apple Pay) until the desired physical version of the card is made of titanium.

As we reported, Ma offers a program of cashback, called Daily cashwhere every purchase made with both the digital and physical versions of the Apple Card offers a reward to customers. More specifically, purchases made using Apple Pay at Apple Stores return 3%; those made through Apple Pay at other 2% stores; Already purchases using the physical card of 1% of the value back.

Apple Card Daily Cash

Given the positive repercussions of the program, Apple is expanding the 3% of Daily cash for even more merchants and apps. As a result, customers will now receive back 3% of the total value of their purchases when they use the Apple Card (via Apple Pay) on Uber/Uber Eats and even more partnerships will be announced soon.

Apple Pay VP Jennifer Bailey celebrated the expansion of the Apple Card for all users in the US:

We are excited about the great interest in the Apple Card and its positive reception. Customers have told us they love the simplicity of the Apple Card and how it gives them a better view of their spending.

Speaking of spending, all card transactions and information are available through the Wallet app, which offers tracking and budgeting tools, such as color-split categories that give customers an idea of ​​how much they're spending on food, activities, shopping, medical assistance, entertainment, etc.

Apple Card Balance Payment

For now, the Apple Card is limited to the US, but expansion to other countries and regions is pretty much certain only when there is a need to do so. Last March, we commented that Goldman Sachs International CEO Richard Gnodde suggested a possible expansion of the card to Europe, where the company recently registered service with regulatory agencies as well as Hong Kong and Canada.