“Apple Car” presentation may have been postponed to 2021

An unexpected pit stop: “Apple Car” presentation may have been postponed to 2021

Who’s looking forward to the mystical Apple car? Information is terribly scarce, but it is the prospect of seeing the design cupertinian of a motor vehicle seems exciting enough. The fact is that if you can’t wait for the supposed presentation of the «Project Titan», like me, you can soak your beards for (even more) a while.

Draft design

A complete profile about Brian, Michael and Kevin Sumner, three Apple employees who are supposed to be working on the ?Titan?, published today on The Information (closed matter for subscribers), brings crucial information about the expected launch of the blessed car. If before the general consensus that the world would see this presentation in 2020, it seems that this event will now have to stay for the following year.

The group encountered several challenges, say people who had contact with the development of the «Titan». The chief executive of the project left in January, a sign that things were not going very well. A person who worked briefly on the ?Titan? team learned during his time at Apple that the company was trying to deliver the vehicle in 2020, but the target eventually moved to 2021.

It may be a bucket of cold water, but for those who were already resigned to waiting for another four years, one more may not make that much of a difference. Anyway, for Apple, it may be another postponement that takes it to the rear of the ?smart? vehicle market as Elon Musk said some time ago, this relatively late launch could be ?a missed opportunity?.

The rumors about the «Apple Car» have been somewhat dormant in recent months. Too bad the «news» this time is not so encouraging

(via Cult of Mac)