Apple Car: company hires another specialist in the automotive market

Apple Car: company hires another specialist in the automotive market

The rumors surrounding Apple's entry into the automotive market were gone, but today they came back with everything.

Doug Betts

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Apple recently hired Doug Betts, who held the position of senior vice president of quality at FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) for seven years and has worked at other manufacturers such as Nissan, Toyota General Motors and Michelin.

According to his LinkedIn page, Betts now works with "operations" at Apple, but with this history fully immersed in the auto market, there is no doubt that he is involved in Apple's automotive project (whatever it may be).

He joins many other former employees including some from Tesla who left their companies to embark on this Ma project which was approved by Tim Cook in late 2014.

According to New York Times, Betts asked for accounts at the FCA after the group's brands (Fiat, Jeep, RAM and Dodge) were listed in the last positions in Consumer Reports' annual quality ranking.

Betts, who was senior vice president of quality, joined Chrysler in November 2007, after more than 21 years of quality experience at Nissan, Toyota, Michelin and General Motors. But he struggled to fix the company's long-standing quality problems, which continually did poorly in Consumer Reports' influential rankings.

Still according to rumors, Apple intends to launch its own car in 2020.

(via 9to5Mac, Road & Track)