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Apple captured almost 104% (!) Of smartphone market profits in the last quarter

Remember that yesterday, in the face of news that Apple was approaching a negative record in the market share of smartphones, did I comment that Cupertino executives certainly weren't paying any attention to that? Perhaps it has a little to do with it here: according to BMO Capital Markets analysts, Ma captured no less than 103.6% of all profits of the smart phone market in the last quarter, becoming the only company in the industry to earn some considerable money (It is like, huh!) in the period.

Family of iPhones 7 Plus, 7 and SE

Behind Apple, only Samsung posted an almost negligible profit of 0.9%. For you to have an idea of ​​the hole that a small handful of explosive phones can cause, this is the first time that Ma has achieved a percentage of profits above 100% of the market in the last quarters, this number has always been in the 80-90% , while the South Korean used to capture the remaining 10-20%.

Only one thing hasn’t changed: combined, Apple and Samsung snapped up over 100% of the profits in the industry, meaning that all the other smartphone manufacturers continued to operate at a loss this past quarter. It remains to be seen how long this scenario will be sustainable. Some manufacturers, such as LG or Motorola Lenovo, benefit from being part of a much larger company that fills the division's losses, but this is not the rule and certainly not an attractive model of business.

BMO also released its own figures for the market share companies, and Samsung, as usual, took the advantage with 21.7% of the market. Apple was in second place, with 13.2%, and the growing Huawei won the third position with 9.7%. Overall, the smartphone market grew 2.1% year-on-year, with 346 million units shipped in this third quarter.

(via 9to5Mac)