Apple cancels plans for $ 921 million data center in Denmark

By surprise, Apple canceled plans to build a new data center in the city of Aabenraain Denmark. The news was circulated on a page of the town hall, which also expressed astonishment at Ma's sudden decision.

With this, the company puts an end to the investment of $ 921 million for the construction of the 2.85km building, acquired by the Cupertino giant in 2017. According to the municipality's statement, Apple plans to sell the land; that is, there is not even any intention to build anything else on the property.

The representatives of Aabenraa were informed only that this was a strategic decision by Cupertino in view of another company undertaking to build a data center in the village of Foulum (in the municipality of Viborg), which in turn was also threatened. recently.

This is not the first time Apple has canceled its plans to build a new data center; Just over a year ago, the company was forced to end its venture in Ireland after prolonged court battles and long waiting times, but in this case the decision was not exactly a surprise.

As we said, it is unclear why Apple retreated to Aabenraa, as the company often works hard to expand its online services (such as iCloud, Apple Music, the App Store, among others). According to City Hall, the goal now is for another company to take over the property and continue its economic expansion.

via 9to5Mac