Apple cancels flagship plans in Melbourne and store in Tel Aviv

, Apple not all disputes result in victories. Today we have not one but two news of plans concerning stores of the company canceled by outside forces and no, none of them include the design of the Stockholm store which, apparently, has also gone downhill. Was it the burrs of Ma's astral hell?


Apple Federation Square new project in Melbourne, AustraliaApple's two designs sent to the Federation Square store

The case of Apple Federation Square It has been dragging on for some time: over a year ago, we first reported opposition from the town hall and the town-store population, which, according to one representative, "looked like a Pizza Hut cabin." After changing the project and encountering several other obstacles, however, the plans are definitely canceled, as reported by the The age.

The coup de grace in the store that never was was a statement from the Heritage Victoria, local government agency responsible for preserving the state's historical heritage. The body refused permission to demolish the Yarra Building, the building that is located where the Apple Store would be located decision, incidentally, which was already expected after the Melbourne City Council voted for the same determination at the beginning of the month.

According to Heritage Victoria, the Apple store in Federation Square would be "visually dominant" and would result in "an unacceptable and irreversible impact on the meaning of cultural heritage" of the square; the negative effects of construction, according to the agency, would far outweigh the benefits, including economic ones. The Yarra Building, it should be noted, houses the headquarters and museum of the Koorie Heritage Trust, a nonprofit NGO dedicated to protecting and preserving the aboriginal culture of southern Australia.

Federation Square in MelbourneFederation Square with Apple Store Proposal

Apple issued a standard statement saying about the cancellation:

While we are disappointed that we are unable to continue our plans for Federation Square, we remain committed to serving our customers in Melbourne and throughout Australia.

In fact, you can't say that Melbourne citizens will be in a dogless bush: Apple has five stores in the city or its metropolitan area, but they are far from “flagships such as Ma's project for Federation Square. If the significant loss, good depends on your point of view.

Tel aviv

Did you think Apple's frustrated plans boil down to Oceania? Because they found it wrong: according to the newspaper Haaretz, Ma abandoned plans to build its first store in Israel more precisely, in your capital, Tel aviv. The reason? Simply because no commercial space in the country was willing to accept its conditions.

Azrieli Sarona Tower in Tel Aviv (Israel) where Apple would open a storeAzrieli Sarona Tower, in the center

According to the newspaper, Apple's most recent space to build its store was Azrieli Sarona Tower, a 61-story skyscraper in Tel Aviv. Conversations were started with the space management company, but quickly ended because of disagreements, especially in financial matters, as the company was supposed to have needed help to recover its marketing and inventory costs from construction.

Apparently, this is not the case: Ma would have tried to find other locations in Tel Aviv earlier to start the design of her first country store, but she was unsuccessful in any of them because of their unacceptable requirements by business owners. With the repeated crashes, Apple would have definitely canceled the idea of ​​marking its presence in Israel.

As you remembered 9to5MacApple is notoriously tough to crack at with this kind of deal. The company knows that its prestige projects, visibility and traffic to the places where they will be built and, therefore, puts its conditions in the stratosphere in some cases, even requiring entire periods of free rental. The Israelis apparently weren't impressed.

Cherry hill

Since not everything can be negative, Ma has at least found success in renovating one of its stores: Apple cherry hill, in the US state of New Jersey.

Apple Cherry Hill, New Jersey (USA)Apple Cherry Hill currently

The information is not yet definitive, but according to the newspaper Courier Postit seems that Cupertino's company is really stirring the chopsticks: at a recent meeting of the Cherry Hill Planning Office, the renewal proposal to open a “store flagship”Of an unidentified company, but which currently occupies about 550m inside the shopping mall where the renovation will be done.

Combining this information with the renders released from the project, it is easy to confirm that Apple is actually putting the plan into practice. Apple's (supposed) new store would double in size and move from an internal mall space to an area with internal and external entrances, where the North Face store is currently located.

"Renders "Renders

Supposed renders of the new Apple Cherry Hill

good to note that renders presented here appear to be of a certain age and may not faithfully represent the end result of the store as it is known, after all, Apple has already abandoned this style with metal plates and lightboxes, emphasizing natural materials, such as stone and wood, in its construction of recent years.

Should the plans materialize, Apple Cherry Hill will be just 2 of 11 stores in the state to be refurbished and will meet Ma's existing retail aesthetic standards. For that, of course, we will have to wait: there is still no movement of machines in space, and any such construction would take at least a year to complete.

via Cult of Mac, 9to5Mac