Apple campaign explains why there's nothing like the iPhone [atualizado]

Apple campaign explains why there's nothing like the iPhone [atualizado]

Apple even decided to promote the iPhones 6/6 Plus. After the Click / Filmed campaign with iPhone 6, we saw the arrival of Se on an iPhone, on an iPhone. For now there is a new chapter of it. The company posted a page on its website explaining why there is nothing like the iPhone.

Apple Campaign - iPhone

Every iPhone we've ever made (yes, each one) was created with the same certainty: that a cell phone must be more than a collection of resources. Above all, a cell phone must be completely simple, beautiful and magical to use.

The very beautiful page, by the way speaks of the relationship of the iPhone with system updates (which, unlike Android, all users with compatible devices can download as soon as they are released), the potential of the rear camera (iSight), the millions of available application options, security (protection against malware), privacy (everything in the system needs user consent), the benefits behind Touch ID and Apple Pay, the versatility of the Messages application (iMessage, which supports messages text, audio, GIFs, etc.), the integration of information with the Sade app, incredible accessibility and internationally recognized support (AppleCare).

Indeed, when you combine all these benefits, it is difficult for another company to offer an ecosystem as complete as Apple's.

(via MacRumors)

Update · 08/20/2015 s 14:38

New iPhone campaign

The campaign is now also on Apple's Brazilian website.