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Apple buys visual effects startup focused on machine learning

If, by any chance, you were missing news about Ma's millionaire investments, the wait is over. The Danish newspaper Dagbladet Brsen today announced that startup visual effects Spektral was acquired by Apple for more than $ 30 million. The agreement was signed at the end of 2017, but only released now.

Founded in 2014, the Copenhagen company focused on the application of machine learning techniques for image and video editing. More recently, Spektral has invested in research and development, combining machine learning with Spectral Graph Theory to separate people and objects from a background and insert them into a scene with another plane in real time.

Although Apple and Spektral have not confirmed the acquisition, some indications point to the success of the deal. The co-founder and technical director of startup Danish, Toke Jansen, updated his LinkedIn profile with the description β€œManager, Computing Images at Apple Inc.”.

Furthermore, as Ma does not disclose what technologies developed by the companies it buys will be used, we can speculate that in the case of Spektral it is likely that the tools of startup are used (if they are not already) for improvements to the iPhone camera and other features such as Portrait Mode present on iPhones, which can separate the main object from the background.

Before being acquired by Apple, Spektral raised more than $ 3 million for research on the aforementioned technology. Among the companies that supported the project are LiteCap and the Amp Ventures, which invest in companies with great potential.

In the future, will we be able to record images from Portrait Mode with different background options, in the Photo Booth style? 😝

via Cult of Mac