Apple buys startup focused on music analysis [atualizado]

O Axios reported that Apple acquired the Asaii, an startup of San Francisco specializing in music analysis, in a business that was below the $ 100 million.

The company's great triumph was to have created a tool that allowed record companies to discover, track and manage artists using machine learning. How? Extracting data from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, in addition to streaming of music such as Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud, in order to find talents until then unknown.

According to the MacRumors, two products were offered by Asaii: a music management panel for artists and repertoire (division of record companies responsible for talent research and artistic development of musicians) to explore and manage talents; and an API for music services that want to integrate a recommendation engine on their platforms.

With the acquisition, Apple's idea is very likely to improve content recommendations for users and their relationship with smaller artists and record labels.

Asaii was founded in 2016 by Sony Theakanath, Austin Chen and Chris Zhang (who have worked for companies like Apple, Facebook, Uber, Salesforce and Yelp). With the purchase, everyone is now part of the Apple Music team, according to their respective LinkedIn profiles. As a result of the business, Asaii's operations ended yesterday, October 14.

Update by Luiz Gustavo Ribeiro 10/15/2018 s 20:38

After a confirmation request is denied and no response confirming the purchase, the TechCrunch just released that Apple at the acquired the startup Asaii. According to the technology website, what Ma did was to hire some employees (including the three aforementioned founders) to work on Apple Music.

This is the first time that Apple's contracts have been confused by a possible acquisition. In 2014, Ma integrated five people from the recently completed Pin Drop mapping app and, at the time, it was thought that the Cupertino giant had bought the entire company.