Apple buys online content-focused machine learning startup

Apple buys online content-focused machine learning startup

Apple's love affair with machine learning This is nothing new, with many area businesses acquired over the last few years and a host of features and services using this type of technique for better operation. We now know that Ma has taken scorpion out of her pocket once again recently to broaden its domain in the area.

Laserlike App, Apple-Purchased StartupLaserlike's Ultimate App

How did you bring the The information, Apple acquired the startup Laserlike, focused on the development of machine learning to offer online content suggestions to users. The purchase took place late last year, but was confirmed only recently by a spokesman for Ma; There is, as usual, no information on the amount disbursed by the company.

Laserlike was founded in 2015 by four former Google engineers; A company app was available for iOS and Android by early this year. In it, users could subscribe and receive online content recommendations such as local news, videos and events all with a little help from artificial intelligence to make the indications more accurate and tailored to each one.

Apple released its standard statement, which effectively says nothing, saying it "buys smaller companies from time to time and does not discuss their plans or purpose." In any case, it is easy to imagine that the acquisition of Laserlike is related to the News platform and its supposed expansion which will turn it into a “Netflix of periodicals” that will appear to be presented in less than two weeks.

via 9to5Mac