Apple buys motion capture company iKinema

One more week, one more acquisition: according to MacRumors, Apple pulled the wallet this time for a visual effects company and motion capture is the British iKinema.

The company creates software for movies and games that can capture the movement of an entire body and apply it to an animated character. Recent productions as Thor: Ragnarok and “Blade Runner 2049” used iKinema services to create their looks; partner companies include the Microsoft, a Intel, a NVIDIA, a Ubisoft and the Square enix.

For Apple, it's clear the value that a know-how Of course, the company will certainly use iKinema's people and intellectual property to bolster its stakes in the world of augmented realitypossibly expanding the uses of ARKit to the world of games (or even for your original Apple TV + productions). Other products from the Cupertino giant, such as the Animoji it's the Memoji, can also be improved.

The iKinema website is currently almost completely down, confirming that its independent operations have now been closed. Apple has confirmed the acquisition by Financial times, issuing its standard statement that "it buys smaller companies from time to time, and generally does not discuss their purposes or plans."

Of course, the value of the acquisition was not disclosed either.

via 9to5Mac