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Apple buys health startup Tueo Health, specializing in child asthma monitoring

One more day, one more acquisition: as reported by CNBC, Apple recently bought the Tueo Health, an startup Californian focused on health.

Tueo Health logo, startup bought by Apple

More specifically, the small company was building a relatively well-known name in the US health market with a developing digital monitoring tool for children with asthma. The technology would be focused especially on the sleep period of the little ones, helping parents and guardians avoid crises and control / gather information about the disease.

There is no information on the amount paid by startup but, according to the report, Tueo Health founders Bronwyn Harris and Anura Patil updated their LinkedIn profiles in late 2018 to indicate that they were starting work at Ma. The acquisition may have involved the transfer of the company's employees to Cupertino ( one “Acquihire”, as they say), but this information has not been confirmed.

Tueo asthma monitor, startup bought by AppleCompany asthma monitor

As usual, Apple has not commented on the news or made any statement about its intentions with the purchase. It is not hard to imagine, however, that the company will use Tueo Heath technology and expertise to enhance its health platform capabilities, especially Apple Watch.

If this involves new sleep monitoring features in the future, even better.

via MacRumors