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Apple buys British startup to improve iPhone photographic capabilities

While Apple has made a good leap in photography with the iPhones 11 and 11 Pro, it by no means means that Ma can sleep on the spot and let its competitors overtake it (again). And the Cupertino giant seems to be very aware of that.

According to the Bloomberg, Apple recently bought the startup british Spectral Edge, dedicated to creating technologies that further improve the smartphone photographic capability. The company (or was) based in the city of Cambridge, where Ma already has offices dedicated especially to the development of Siri and artificial intelligence resources.

The acquisition was not officially disclosed, but documents published in recent days indicate the event, for example, Ma's corporate lawyer, Peter Denwood, was appointed director of startup, while all other directors and board members were dismissed. It is not known how much Apple paid for the company.

We also don't know how, in practice, Spectral Edge technology will be applied to future iPhones. What is known that startup I was developing an artificial intelligence technique that uses capturing an infrared image to make photographs sharper, with more vivid colors, which sounds a lot like Deep Fusion's current mission, but with an even sharper technique.

Interestingly, the solutions developed by Spectral Edge can be implemented by both hardware and software ie it may be that the improvements achieved by purchasing the startup reach existing iPhones, not just future models. This, however, we will have to wait and see.

via iMore