Apple buys another machine learning company: India's Tuplejump

Apparently, the people there in Cupertino are taking this machine learning. A little more than two months after the acquisition of Turi, the information that Apple startup Indian Tuplejump, focused on the same area of ​​operation.

Tuplejump developed a work dedicated to simplifying data management techniques through the creation of artificial intelligence tools to automate processes, as stated in a copy of the main page of its website (conveniently already disabled). Its founders even supported a number of companies listed on the Fortune 500 that is, we are definitely not dealing with amateurs.

According to the TechCrunch, Apple made the purchase mainly in “FiloDB”, a Tuplejump database that registers and analyzes large amounts of information in real time through machine knowledge techniques; it is also informed that the project, which is open source, should continue in this way even with the acquisition.

It was not possible to determine the amount disbursed by Ma for the transaction, nor whether the operations of (now extinct) Tuplejump will move to Cupertino or remain in India. Officially, Apple pretended to be misunderstood as usual and declared that it "buys smaller technology companies from time to time", reiterating that it does not discuss the reasons or plans behind these acquisitions.

In fact, it is difficult to point out a specific direction in which Apple is going in this successful acquisition of artificial intelligence companies. A bombshell Siri? macOS smarter? Something totally new (maybe with four wheels)? We don't know, but considering all that interest, something good must be coming up.