Apple buys 50 business-class seats to Shanghai… daily! [atualizado]

Although some things are created, designed and even developed in the United States, basically “everything” that Apple sells today assembled on China. Yes, she has partners in other places like India and even in Brazil, but the Chinese importance is this indisputable history.

We can imagine, then, that some Apple executives must travel there with a certain frequency. But what frequency would that be? Well, on Twitter, the @LAflyr profile reported that the largest global corporate customer at United Airlines Apple, which spends no less than $ 150 million on airfare.

The most important route for the company would be SFO (San Francisco International Airport) to PVG (Shanghai Pudong International Airport). This stretch alone represents about 25% of the $ 135 million; in practice, Ma buys 50 seats in SFO business class for PVG per day!

Here are the top destinations where Apple executives land:

  1. PVG (Shanghai Pudong International Airport; China)
  2. HKG (Hong Kong International Airport)
  3. TPE (Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport)
  4. LHR (London Heathrow Airport; United Kingdom)
  5. ICN (Incheon International Airport; South Korea)
  6. SIN (Singapore Changi Airport)
  7. MUC (Munich-Franz Josef Strauss Airport; Germany)
  8. HND (Tokyo International Airport; Japan)
  9. PEC (Beijing International Airport; China)
  10. TLV (Ben Gurion International Airport; Israel)

The large investment and the number of seats destined for China are explained, as I said, by the number of partners that Apple has in the country. According to the Nikkei Asia Review, from 2017 to 2018 the number of Ma suppliers in the country rose from 19 to 27. Although Apple has more suppliers in other locations (such as in Taiwan), almost all of Ma's products assembled in China which explains the flow of executives to the country.

Apple suppliers worldwide

The chart above gives us an idea of ​​where Apple's suppliers are in the world and see how well it relates to destinations reported by United Airlines.

It is worth noting that the numbers commented here are only for flights departing from SFO. As we know, Apple has several other campuses spread across the US (as in Texas) and around the world (as in the UK). In addition, San Jose International Airport is also close to Apple's main campus in Cupertino, so chances are that these numbers are only part of the whole.

While Apple is United Airlines' largest corporate account, other companies like Facebook and Google ($ 34 million), Cisco and Oracle ($ 12 to $ 17 million) and Intel ($ 10 million) also invest heavily.

And so, the economy turns

via MacRumors

Update 01/14/2019 s 20:48

United Airlines issued a statement to journalist Kif Leswing after the above news was circulated:

This information was provided to United employees as part of a limited pilot project, focused on San Francisco, to highlight the importance of our corporate relationships and should not have been shared publicly. The project has already been discontinued.

A small group of clients was mentioned by name in this material and each one was contacted directly and we are working to resolve their concerns. The material has been withdrawn and, in the future, we will revise and further restrict the sharing of internal customer information to a strict audience that must receive such information.

via 9to5Mac

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