Apple Brazil (yet?) Does not support the American Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular)

It has been a few weeks since the Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) officially arrived in Brazil and, since then, some lucky ones are already enjoying their new watches with 3G / 4G connectivity. I explain: the model of Apple Watch with cellular connectivity approved by Anatel and offered in Brazil is the same sold in Europe, as already explained.

However, many users, not knowing which model would be sold here in Brazil at the time of the original launch of the watch, bought the device in the United States. And even though the connectivity part of the watch does not work in Brazil, you still have a beautiful smartwatch capable of carrying out various tasks on your wrist. The problem is that these users may experience some headaches if their Watches have a problem… at least in the short term.

As we said, the models approved in Brazil are the A1889 (38mm) and the A1891 (42mm), sold in European and Asian countries. What few people know is that the American models (A1860 and A1861), which are not sold here, were also approved by Anatel. The reason for that? Probably so that Apple can provide support for American, Canadian and Mexican tourists who face problems with their devices while in Brazil. The problem is that this support, so far, does not exist.

In this discussion of MM Forum, our reader Marcio Castro Mendes reported his situation: he has an American Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular), with the extended warranty plan AppleCare +. The watch was defective on the screen and, after some attempts to contact Apple (both by phone and in person, at Apple VillageMall), it came face to face with the wall: Apple does not support the American Series 3. A manager even typed the device’s serial number in front of Marcio, with the system accusing the lack of coverage.

Apple did not say why there was no support or whether this situation will be resolved in the near future; so far, the only solution for users like Marcio is to seek Apple’s assistance in the USA … or to appeal to Brazilian justice, which is a (slightly) cheaper way out.

We will keep an eye on the unfolding of this story to bring its next chapters as soon as they come out of the oven.

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