Apple Brazil works with Authorized Service Centers to ease demand for iPhone exchanges

Apple Brazil works with Authorized Service Centers to ease demand for iPhone exchanges

Apple logo (ma) with the Brazilian flag

We've covered it right here on the site crisis that Apple Brazil faces in serving customers at its two single national physical stores, the Apple VillageMall and the Apple Morumbi.

We also know that Apple’s flagship product for years iPhone, and obviously he is also the most responsible for support services in Brazil and in the world.

To try to relieve the great demand that the two stores have today, Apple Brazil is working with Authorized Service Centers (Apple Authorized Service Providers, or AASPs) so that the service provided by them is equivalent to that of the Apple Stores themselves.

There are three main reasons why customers prefer to go to an Apple Store instead of an AASP:

  1. Ensuring quality service.
  2. Immediate availability of exchange devices.
  3. Lower prices than those charged by third parties.

The point 1 Apple has always been a concern worldwide. Obviously, the level of control that she is able to impose on AASPs is much lower than in her own stores, but that does not mean that she does not worry about it and does not carry out periodic inspections / tests, including discrediting companies in certain cases.

The novelty of the time is even for the points 2 and 3. THE found that Apple Brazil has already managed to agree with some AASPs in So Paulo and Rio de Janeiro so that they will have a minimum stock of iPhones (from the 5s generation) for immediate exchange, as well as that they will start charging for the exchange of devices exactly the same as her at least in cash payment.

For us Brazilians, price has always been a decisive factor and this equation is very welcome. However, without a doubt the fact that we no longer have to wait days for a new iPhone to arrive is the most important factor for the service provided by AASPs to be used more from now on. As we know, nowadays the iPhone is an essential device in our life. Having to hand over the device and wait about five days (on average) to get an iPhone back is something very bad.

The initiative is still quite recent, but considered an internal “great achievement” among mainly members of the staffs of both Apple Stores, which have been suffering from overload of service for so long. It is our support for this policy to expand in order to really benefit the company's customers throughout our country.