Steve Jobs thought Genius Bar was “a stupid idea” and that it would never work, according to former Apple Store chief

Apple Brazil is going through a major crisis – and it's not financial

Brazil is going through a crisis like that; and the Apple Brazil also. But anyone who thinks that the financial company is wrong. Ninth . For the information that the obtained, Ma's sales here in Brazil go very well above the stipulated targets, inclusive.

The big problem of Ma in Brazil is another and has to do with something that we users have known for some time: attendance.

What's the problem?

We currently have two Apple Retail Stores at our disposal: one in Rio de Janeiro and the other in So Paulo. If one was better than nothing, then two are not even mentioned. But with the arrival of the store, many consumers were “introduced” to Apple and to the services that only official Ma stores count, such as Genius Bar (which in most cases solves problems on the same day, leaving customers highly satisfied with the experience and the outcome).

The problem is that Brazil is huge, Rio de Janeiro and So Paulo are huge. And one store just to serve these people is not enough even though Apple Authorized Service Centers continue to help with after-sales. It is a huge bottleneck that is not easy / simple to solve. To make matters worse, we have the exemplary education of the Brazilian people.

In all countries where Apple has stores, customers can schedule times at the Genius Bar within a seven-day window. When the first Brazilian Retail Store was opened, everything worked like this. Only users started scheduling schedules within that window and simply didn’t show up to be attended to, completely messing up the schedule for Apple employees. To get around this, Apple limited the schedule to the same day, opening schedules for appointment in the morning.

The result, we already know: dissatisfied customers because they are unable to schedule an appointment time; others even more dissatisfied for visiting the store and being denied service after hours of waiting (there is a possibility that you will be served at the store, but for that someone who scheduled the schedule needs to be absent like this, a huge line of people is formed every day to fit into these vague hours). Not counting the Apple employees themselves, who often suffer from unthinkable attitudes (like throwing iPhones on the attendant, breaking devices exposed in the store, breaking into the internal area, an employee has even broken his finger when separating a customer fight who were vying for a place in the queue).

The emotional side of employees, of course, is also affected by this. No one can work happily in such a troubled environment. Some are unable to support themselves and even cry in the middle of the store in the internal area, apparently this is already “common”.

Number of employees

Despite being more or less the same size, Ma's Brazilian stores are quite different when it comes to the number of employees. While in So Paulo there are only 82, in Rio de Janeiro there are only 58.

To give you an idea, in Rio de Janeiro Apple can only absorb 4% of the website's demand for scheduling Genius Bar. That is, of every 100 people who enter the website every day to schedule a time, only 4 are served.

Research (external and internal) prove the problem

Apple uses two surveys as an experience monitoring tool, one external (consumers) and one internal (employees). Calls from Net Promoter Score and Net Promoter for Our People, they can vary between -100 and 100 the goal is above 70 and are the company's main collection metrics.

So amazing: the average score for the NPS has already reached 9 points, being currently in 11. That's right, 61 points below the company's goal! The main complaints from consumers could not be other: low availability of time, few people to attend, very fast service, waiting many hours to be attended (queue), etc.

The NPP (an internal survey that employees must answer every three months) had the following history of grades: 74, 79, 85 and 45. Now it has reached the worst level: -69! The main complaints, on the employees side, are high demand for assistance, lack of people, presence of leaders, career plan, communication, etc.

In other words, it is not just customers who are dissatisfied with Apple's current service scenario in Brazil. Employees too.

What is Apple doing to change that?

After the episode involving a Procon inspector, Apple Brazil hired a specific HR for store personnel. But it stopped by a. The company does not see the need to increase the staff of the Rio de Janeiro store, apparently claiming “budget burst ”, although managers are fighting for it.

Obviously increasing the number of employees does not solve the problem, but it helps to alleviate a little. The ideal, however, would be to see Apple expand its stores in Brazil, including opening others in Rio and So Paulo, something that was in the company's plans.

Yes, "I was". Because of the crisis, Apple decided to stop national expansion and resolve these internal issues. The focus of expansion is now in other countries in Latin America; soon, the company will open its first store in Mexico.

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As you can see, things are not easy around here As if scary product prices weren't enough.