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Apple Brazil finally starts to service any model of iPhone 6s / 6s Plus in national territory

For some years, Brazilians have suffered from a limitation regarding the warranty of iPhones whose models are different from those approved by the National Telecommunications Agency and marketed by Apple Brazil. We explained that right in this 2013 article.

In summary, Apple Brazil could not provide assistance for iPhones of the same generation that had been purchased abroad, in certain countries that sold models different from ours. That's why, recently, we even warned that no one would buy iPhones 6s / 6s Plus unlocked pure in the United States, since their models are the same from AT&T and different from those that were approved by Anatel (T-Mobile).

We have already reported here on the site, too, at least two cases (1, 2) of customers who were fair and won the right to have support for these models different from those sold in Brazil. Well, fortunately, no one else has to go through this headache.

O MacMagazine received and obtained information regarding a significant change in the service of iPhones 6s / 6s Plus in Brazil. Now, any model can be serviced in our country and, in the case of the A1633 (6s) and A1634 (6s Plus), which are the unlocked sale from the USA, Apple Brazil can even exchange the device for the national version A1688 (6s) or A1687 (6s Plus) if the customer wishes.

Check the table on GSX (Global Service Exchange), the internal system of Apple Authorized Service Centers:

GSX table on iPhones 6s / 6s in Brazil

Click / tap to enlarge.

In other words, the end of all this β€œfreshness” involving technical support for different models of iPhones. How Apple Brazil solved this we do not know, because apparently the other models were not homologated separately by Anatel.

It is worth noting, however, that this change only affects iPhones 6s / 6s Plus and should probably extend to all future generations of the device, from now on.

We contacted Apple Brasil's press office to obtain an official position on the matter and will update this article if she sends it to us.

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