Apple Brazil confirms ECG arrival and irregular beats in the next update

Apple Brazil confirms ECG arrival and irregular beats in the next update

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  • The next iOS 13.6 update and version 6.2.8 for watchOS will bring the Electrocardiogram (ECG) app on devices in Brazil
  • It will also bring notification of irregular heart rhythm for Brazilians
  • It has not yet been informed when the update will start to be distributed, but it is expected to be soon

Apple Brazil has officially confirmed that cardiac monitoring resources will be sent to Apple Watch Brazil. THE electrocardiogram (ECG) will arrive for the devices along with an operating system update. For iPhones the update is iOS 13.6 and, for watchOS, the verse 6.2.8. It has not yet been released when the news will start to be distributed, but it is expected to be soon.

It had previously been reported by MacMagazine that the appeal had already been approved by ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency). As a health monitor, I need an official body to validate its functioning. Thus, the system has even more credibility in its results.


Technology detected critical heart disease and enabled the elderly to start treatment in time

This feature is already present on devices around the world. It was recently reported that the ECG on the Apple watch saved a doctor's life. This is because the detection of abnormalities in the results managed to identify a serious heart disease, which could have led the man to death.

To use the necessary resource that the operating system of both devices are up to date. The novelty requires a Apple Watch Series 4 or 5. The iPhone needs to be compatible with the iOS update. After everything is installed, it is necessary to configure the ECG.

For that I need to open the Sade app (Health) on iPhone and, if you are not prompted to configure the app, tap the tab To explore. It will open a new screen with several options, click on Heart, after Electrocardiogram (ECG) and Configure ECG app.

If your devices are up to date but still no ECG appears, you will need to install the app manually. With your Apple Watch, check in store App Store of the clock if the application is available. If it is, just install it and later it will appear normally on your watch.

Once everything is set up, the feature can now be used. To take the exam, you need to open the ECG app, support your arms in a stable place, such as a table, or, on your lap, and place your index finger on the opposite hand of the watch on Digital Crown. It is necessary to wait 30 seconds.

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After that, there is no need to do anything else, the app itself will show the results on the screen. If you want to do the monitoring, it is possible save the results for a complete health report. This data can be passed on to doctors, for possible diagnosis or follow-up.


Company would be talking to Anvisa to regularize the resource here

Apple says it will not be able to tell if the user is having a heart attack. If someone has a history of heart problems, it is recommended to have the exam periodically. But, if one has never been diagnosed, it can be used when you are noticing a fast heart rate.

When a problem is identified, the application issues a "Irregular heart rate alert". As the name implies, the system shows the user that their heart rate is altered. In order for these notifications to be sent, the user needs to register in the Explore tab, who wants to be notified of irregularities in his heartbeat.

Remembering that this feature can assist in treatments, but in no way substitutes medical follow-up examinations. The functionality is validated by the responsible health agencies. Despite this, it is recommended to see a cardiologist and do laboratory tests for a correct diagnosis.

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