Apple begins to reopen stores in the US and Switzerland; company starts plan to resume work in offices

As some countries begin to adopt gradual measures to resume commercial activities, Apple is also gradually reopening the doors of some of its stores around the world. We have already talked about the cases in South Korea, Austria, Australia and Germany.

Now more countries are joining the group – including Apple’s homeland.

United States

According to the CNBC, Apple is, throughout this week, reopening its stores in four US states: Idaho, South Carolina, Alabama and Alaska. In total, there are five locations:

Of these, only the Idaho store was reopened last Monday; all the others will start working again tomorrow (Wednesday, 5/13). A second Apple store in South Carolina (the Apple Haywood Mall) has yet to open.

Apple Boise Towne Square

Apple Boise Towne Square

The five stores will reopen at reduced hours, and the company advises its customers to prioritize locations for repair and support services – product purchases, after all, can continue to be made at the Apple Online Store. The company will also adopt measures to contain infections, such as measuring the temperature of visitors and limiting people in the store.

Over the next few weeks, more Apple Stores in the country are expected to reopen in the same way – and we will continue to follow, of course.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, the company’s four stores in Switzerland reopened today. Are they: Apple Rue de Rive (Geneva), Apple Rennweg (Zurich), Apple Freie Strasse (Basel) and Apple Glattzentrum (Wallisellen).

Apple Rennweg in Zurich

Apple Rennweg in Zurich

As in other countries where the reopening has already occurred (or is occurring), stores are operating at reduced hours, with a limit on the number of people inside the premises and checking the temperature of visitors before entry.

The focus, as in the US, is on repairs and support – although it is, of course, possible to purchase products in stores.

Problems in Germany

The reopening of some of the Apple stores in Germany has already occurred – but today it encountered a small (and unlikely) obstacle.

Apple Große Bockenheimer Straße, in Frankfurt (Germany)

Apple Große Bockenheimer Straße, Frankfurt

According to the Bloomberg Law, a state data protection agency Hesse launched an investigation into Apple over the measurement of visitor temperature in its stores – an act that, according to the agency, could be at odds with European Union privacy laws.

The measurement, as it has become standard in the post-Coronavirus world, is performed with non-contact thermometers and is not linked to the visitor’s identity; even so, according to the Hesse Data Protection Commission, an investigation is needed to determine whether the company’s shares respect the economic bloc’s data laws.

There is still no information on possible verdicts of the investigation, but Apple will certainly keep an eye on that.

Return to Apple Park

Finally, the Bloomberg published an article detailing Apple’s plans to reopen their offices and restoring face-to-face work among its employees over the next few months.

The first employees who will resume work in the Apple Park (and in other company offices in Silicon Valley as a whole) are those who cannot perform their duties from home or are facing challenges in the home office. Such initiatives are already being implemented in other locations, and will be implemented in California starting this month.

Apple Park view

Apple Park in Cupertino

The second phase of the process will begin in July, and will involve the return of even more employees to face-to-face activities – not only in Cupertino, but also in offices in other American cities. Obviously, orders will vary according to the state of the pandemic in each location, but the idea is to resume traditional activity as soon as possible; the heads of each section will inform their subordinates about the guidelines for each.

Apple’s approach goes against the technology industry: other giants, such as the Google it’s the Facebook, have already announced that they will maintain home office at least until the end of 2020; The Twitter went even further and stated that employees who prefer to work from home will be able to do so forever.

We will see, therefore, if the company’s shares will take effect.

via 9to5Mac, MacRumors

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