Users complain of problems getting MacBooks Pro to sleep

Apple begins to limit availability of MacBooks Pro with the possible arrival of new models

According to AppleInsider, some Apple resellers in the United States have been instructed to either stop sales of MacBooks Pro, or to wait for new units to be received in a longer than expected time. This decision is an indication that the three models of Ma's professional laptop could be updated soon, something that has been corroborated for a long time.

While an analyzed rumor brought information that a store's stocks are depleted for all models (although units are still available for employees), there are stores with no 13 or 17 inch MacBook Pro for sale. Even the seller of an Apple store in the United States said inventories for the three machines were down.

However, this last case brought up another curious fact: the store in question would have been instructed to reserve a large space for Macs' arrival between tomorrow and Wednesday. For those who wait patiently for the update of MBPs, it is good to stay tuned in this tip.