Apple beats Samsung in US smartphone sales in Q1

The race for leadership in the smartphones An eternal dispute: At each period, a manufacturer gets a small lead, only to be dethroned shortly thereafter. In the first quarter, Apple was able to outperform its main rival at least in the United States.

In the estimates of Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), Apple snapped up 36% US smartphone market in the first quarter of 2019, compared with 34% of Samsung. The result was much better than in the same period of 2018, when Ma had 31% of market share, but still far below the performance achieved in the previous two years in 2016, for example, the Cupertino giant achieved 40%.

The rest was basically divided by LG, with 11%, and by Motorola, with 10%; In addition, the “Other” category, made up of all the other manufacturers, took the remaining 10% of the segment. According to CIRP, this approach of Motorola to LG is one of the most interesting aspects of the latest survey, the American manufacturer has spent years on the market edge and now, with a number of recent hits, is about to regain third place in the segment.

It is good to note that Apple's good results are not entirely Ma's merit: Samsung, after all, has put its new flagships in the market only at the beginning of March, which retarded the interest of consumers.

CIRP US Smartphone Sales Survey, First Quarter 2019

It will be interesting to see what we will have next year's numbers, as both Apple and Samsung will have their latest flagships on the market. Forecasts show that the iPhone will continue to sell down, which may be the foreshadowing of results not very good for Apple but the reality, only time will tell.

via AppleInsider