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Apple beats Psystar for the first time at the San Francisco court

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Apple won its first victory against Psystar in San Francisco (United States) yesterday, found guilty by Judge William Alsup on charges of violating the copyright of its rival and under American law on the matter. Alsup also complied with the request previously made by the Cupertino firm and to judge the case before January, denying the objections made by the clone maker and its respective request for early judgment.

The judge concluded that the Mac OS X end-user license agreement does not contain irregularities and should be followed in the form that is written, that is, its installation on machines that do not come from Apple is prohibited. Psystar's defense failed to accomplish much, as none of the allegations took into account the fact that the software was modified to run on the PCs it sells, a fact proven by the judge and investigations carried out in the past.

Apparently, Psystar can appeal Alsup's final verdict, but Apple is now in a very favorable position to defeat it at once even though there are still issues to be resolved in Florida, where Cupertino's firm was called to testify a few months ago. In SF, she still has seven other charges to be heard, all apparently dependent on the final outcome of the hearing held yesterday.

For those interested, the complete PDF of the process was made available online (60KB).