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Apple back to Amazon and nearing $ 1 trillion in market value again

After overcoming the barrier of the $ 1 rail and pave the way for other companies (Amazon and Microsoft) to follow, Apple It has been in turmoil for some time and has been in third position in the ranking of the most valuable companies in the world.

Today, after a 0.93% increase in $ AAPL (closing the day at $ 209.68), Ma returned to second place with a market value of $ 964.8 billion. The 1.57% drop in $ AMZN (taking the papers to $ 1,912.45) helped, of course, as with it market cap of the company went to $ 944.8 billion.

Apple actions

Microsoft continues to ride the rail wave alone, worth $ 1,078 rail the company's shares closed the day at $ 141.03 (down 0.22%).

Tomorrow, July 30, Apple releases its third-quarter fiscal 2019 financial results. Obviously, depending on the numbers, this distance could widen or be reversed completely throughout the week.