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Apple back to a $ 1 trillion company

The first time Apple has crossed the mark of a $ 1 rail It was over a year ago. From then on, it was even worth $ 1.121 a rail, but soon after it spiraled into bad news (closely related to the company's performance in China), plummeting its stock to below $ 750 billion. . As a result, it dropped some positions in the ranking of the most valuable companies in the world and was behind Microsoft and Amazon for a long time.

Microsoft remains the most valuable company, but this week Apple came back with everything. The reason is still uncertain: whether it is the excitement of the financial market with iPhone 11, which starts at $ 700 and has everything to be Ma's best seller, or for the new services (Apple Arcade and Apple TV +) With its very competitive prices, the fact that the company is in a positive sea.

Today, Apple's actions closed the day worth $ 223.59, a high of 3.18%. Thus, the company's market value went to $ 1.01 rail It is still behind the $ 1.04 Microsoft rail, but again at a level it had set aside for months.

We will now see how the company's financial performance will be in the coming days. While it no longer discloses product launch numbers, research gives a good idea of ​​the company's performance, and it may (or may not) affect its actions.