Apple authorizes gradual release of macOS app updates

In 2017, Apple introduced the new App Store design alongside iOS 11 and implemented a feature in this operating system that allows developers to release updates gradually to users.

MacOS developers can now also enjoy this benefit, as released by Apple. More precisely, this gives creators the option of releasing an update to an increasing number of users over a period of up to seven days instead of releasing it at once.

Such an update will be available every day during the release period for a pre-established percentage of users, defined as follows:

  • Day 11%
  • Day 22%
  • Day 3: 5%
  • Day 4: 10%
  • Day 5: 20%
  • Day 6: 50%
  • Day 7: 100%

This feature will be most useful on Macs where “Automatic Updates” is enabled. Otherwise, the user will be informed of a new update upon entering the Mac App Store or after a period of time (as listed above) when he has to perform it manually.

The purpose of this is to help developers find flaws in their systems and thus prevent them from reaching a larger number of users. As we know, although many of these apps are pre-tested, it is only when the new version reaches the mass that many bugs are discovered.

via iClarified