Apple Authorized Assistants will receive assistance for COVID-19-related expenses; Japan stores start reopening

Let’s go to the latest news from Apple related to the pandemic of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19)? Come on.

Assistance to authorized persons

To start, good news for Apple Authorized Service Centers: according to a note obtained by MacRumors, the Apple will Financial assistance to their authorized around the world for COVID-19 related expenses.

According to the article, the Apple will bear the expenses related to cleaning materials, hygiene and protection items, such as masks and facial protectors. The aid will be made available through additions to the payments made for each repair carried out at the authorized ones.

Aid will be provided globally, but there is no further information on when payments will begin to be made. We’ll keep an eye out.

Stores in Japan

Meanwhile, Apple continues its journey to reopen stores in countries that are already implementing measures to return to “normality”. This time, we are talking about two stores in the Japan: a Apple Fukuoka and the Apple Nagoya Sakae, which have been closed for the past few months and will reopen next Wednesday (5/27).

Apple FukuokaApple Fukuoka

As in the rest of retail already reopened, the Apple stores in Fukuoka and Nagoya will have reduced opening hours, opening only at noon; the focus of the spaces will be on repairs and support services, with the guidance that purchases continue to be made through the company’s online channels. Consumers will have their temperatures measured at the entrance and will need to wear masks (which will be provided if necessary).

The eight other Apple stores in the Land of the Rising Sun, for now, remain closed and have not yet been scheduled to reopen.

Latvia adopting framework

Finally, the Reuters published a report detailing the adoption of European countries to the framework fight against Coronavirus created by Apple and Google. Some of the countries had already been commented on in other matters, such as Germany, but one of them is new: the Latvia.

Apple interface example for the COVID-19 notification frameworkApple interface example for COVID-19 notification

According to the report, the country will be one of the first to launch an application connected to its national health system: the Apturi Covid (Stop Covid), fully integrated with the Apple and Google API and supporting contact notifications with possible infected people. Latvian citizens, if diagnosed with COVID-19, will be able to choose to share their contact history with local health authorities.

In general, the Reuters says 22 countries already confirmed the use of framework Apple and Google – a significant number, but a far cry from companies’ global ambitions. Other countries are likely to come on board in the coming days / weeks (such as the United Kingdom, which is rehearsing its decision). We will see.

via AppleInsider, 9to5Mac