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Apple asks for tax exemption for new Mac Pro parts after transferring production to China

In a move against the current trend of shifting supply chains out of China, Apple surprised its consumers a few weeks ago by announcing that it would move the manufacturing of the new Mac pro back to the Wall Country after years of producing the "trash can" model locally in the United States.

This does not mean, however, that Ma will kissfully accept the tax levy that this decision entails. As reported to Bloomberg, the Cupertino giant has made a formal request to the US Government that parts and accessories of the new Mac Pro be released from the new import taxes proposed by Donald Trump from 25%.

Currently, the Trump government has already charged this fee for some categories of products assembled in China, such as accessories, cables and chargers; if the president's project goes ahead, several other segments may start to be taxed like computers.

With that in mind, Apple had already sent a letter to US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer last June stating that the tax hike would affect all of its products and result in a reduction in the company's economic contribution. Another formal request now refers exclusively to the Mac Pro parts of the documents received by Bloomberg They do not specifically mention the machine, but the dimensions and features cited by Ma make it clear that the equipment in question is the company's new professional computer.

The Trump government has already said it may release certain products or categories from the new taxes as long as they are made of parts that can only be obtained in China, are not "strategically important" to Chinese industrial programs or if tax enforcement causes " serious economic harm ”it was because of this logic that Ma obtained tax exemption for products such as Airpods it's the Apple watch.

Specifically with respect to the new Mac Pro, however, Apple's task to achieve exemption is not simple. Despite the undertaking, the fact that Ma took production of the computer from the United States was the only equipment of the company made on American soil. In addition, the amount of Chinese parts and the manufacturing cost of the Mac Pro may weigh against a positive decision by the US government.

The US Commercial Representative will make a decision on the order soon and we will of course be aware of any news about the case.

via 9to5Mac